Saturday, February 12, 2011


20 years after the incident, human live peaceful with happiness; new knowledge and tools make life easier. However human always be careful, they make a new barrier around the KUSANAGI cities and RYUTAMA villages after the old barrier destroyed by demon knight. A virgin princess who is the granddaughter of the priest of light, name HIKARI take her grandfather duty as a new priestess and pray and protect the wall of barrier. She gives the orphan children’s which lost their parent and relative in the past war a new home to live and teach the children’s about life and living. There are 2 peoples that always stand behind her side; RYOTA and MISHIMA, they duty are to guard and protect her with their own life.

When night which full moon rising, HIKARI will purify herself and pray to the GOD, pray for the peoples of KUSANAGI. But there is 1 night that she will never forget, the night when the full moon rising with dark red blood light covered it. A sword covered with blood, and a creature with horn at his head and the body half man, half beast covered with armor, shining dark red light glowing inside his eyes. “Something terrible will happen. But why that image? What the meaning of the vision?”She said. HIKARI go to the lake of dragon to ask about her dream.

NAGASAKI RYUGA, one of the great dragon warrior who still alive after the Great War living at the lake of SAKURA NO HIME as guardian, the sacred dragon told the young HIKARI everything about what happen in the past, about how and why her grandfather sacrifice himself in that war, now she understand her duty as the priestess of light. The descendent will back, it is her duty to purify him and take him back to human world. The young dragon NATO and her guards RYOTA and MISHIMA promise to help her.

The night is come; an army of warriors, sorcerers, and knights of KUSANAGI lead by SANOSUKE DAIGO the shogun general; will protect the RYUSEOH, gate of KUSANAGI city. Priestess of light, HIKARI pray in the KUZANE temple for the safety of people and army, “GOD of universe, please accept my pray. Protect all the citizen of KUSANAGI with your light; purify the spirit of they who protect our life.” she said. “All the children, woman, and the old man stay in the temple, don’t be afraid and stay calm.” said HITOMI; HIKARI younger sister and also the priestess apprentice, she take care all the children, woman, and old man safety, KOGURE, NEJI, SANZO, and JIRO; the 4 young swordsman which also magician apprentices guard the entrance of KUZANE temple.

A hundreds of demon army command by demon general; ODEM approaching to attack the RYUSEOH gate which also the seal door of barrier, army of KUSANAGI fight back and defend the gate with their life. SANOSUKE DAIGO the shogun general of KUSANAGI army face the demon general; ODEM, and the second war of human and demon begin. However HIKARI know something more evil is coming, dark cloud exist at the sky of the temple of KUZANE. For a moment, the cloud disappears, suddenly a huge beast with armor approach with high speed break the upper seal of barrier. RYOTA and MISHIMA jump to the air, tried to paralyze the beast with slash the spears of JIRYA fire on him, but it not enough, the 4 swordsman KOGURE, NEJI, SAIZO, and JIRO use the SHIBARI RYUJI seals to lock the movement of the beast and chain it on the earth with TENJUSEI earth chain. HIKARI softly stride open the door of KUZANE, slowly arrange her steps face toward the beast, whisper inside her heart, “is this the same beast which in my dream? The descendent…” 2 wild shining red eyes staring to priestess eyes with full of hatred and evil screaming inside it. The SHIBARI RYUJI seal and TENJUSEI earth chain cannot hold the beast for a long time, it getting brittle and brittle. HIKARI put her right hand on the beast head, she start reading the purify spell of SHUZUKU. He struggling tried to escape, the chain start break to pieces and the seal getting to loose, they cannot stand much longer. “RYOTA please hurry, take the bracelet of SHUZUKU SHIBARI and wear it on the hand of beast.” Said HIKARI, finally the seal and chain destroy, slowly the beast changing his physical to unexpected creature; human.

Breathing human lying on the ground, and 7 shining lights glowing on his body which gold, dark, red, blue, green, silver, and white light that symbolic to 7 element of great dragon powers. The truth revealed the beast change to the man which they have searching for a long time; the descendent of the great dragon and also the proof of the bound between dragon and human. Now it depends to SANOSUKE DAIGO to manage the outsider. The war still continues between KUSANAGI and the outsider.

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