Monday, January 24, 2011



Our life is not a dream,
that seem easy to keep up,
reality always not in our way,
even you are a perfect of human......

Life is like a river,
that flow along the way,
sometimes its fast,
sometimes it slow,
sometimes it dry,
sometimes it flood,
us life just like a river,
that flow forward the times...... 

Nothing is easy,
just like a word flow,
from a sweetness of lips,
some times we will found,
a big wall infront our eyes,
just like a river to slow to go,
something is stuck the way,
us will feel the hard part,
maybe its is around the way,
its our choice to pass,
or to leave like a  coward.....

ALLAH always see us,
HE the one create the path,
for us to follow,
so what kind of river is us,
just ALLAH the one knows.....

sometimes we will see,
heavy rain just acompanies,
every inch of the flow,
like a sadness just flow,
from the eyes,
sometimes its long,
somestimes it short,
when the rain is over,
dark cloud slowly vanish,
sunshine come,
and beautiful rainbow pass,
trought heart,
may rue smile at our face.....

No love without sacrifice,
no happiness without sadness,
this is the true life,
just like a picture of river,
every trail have stories,
because this is a river of life.....

writer: PRINCE FROG 

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