Saturday, February 12, 2011


SANOSUKE DAIGO critically injured, the RAIZEN spear still in his hand protecting the RYUSEOH gate with his life. However the ODEM escape and break the seal door of barrier, he tries to enter inside the gate but a shining sword fly and jab through his bodies. Somebody coming to ODEM, the chief of the city; KUSANAGI KYO takes KUSANAGI SHUNKO sacred sword from the death ODEM, “seem like it is your last day, may GOD do the rest.” He said. The least demon retreat after their general loses to the chief of KUSANAGI. “We win.” The armies shouting, it seems the city successful protected and the glory is a good relief for them. No damage done inside the city, but the gate heavily damage, and it under construction.

A month after the war, the situation back to normal,1thing less the barrier seal need to fix, and it really tough job for the priestess. The temple still under improvement after the past destruction, RYOTA, MISHIMA, and the peoples help build back the KUZANE temple back to better state. The injured armies still not fully recover and the entire herbalist and medical specialist are pushing their limit to heal the patients. Stone of SHI QI, is the rock which the earth QI energy stored inside it, it also contains the spirit of death warriors who died in the first Great War. Actually the spirit is the spirit of those who don’t pass the gate of underworld, the spirit live around the SHI QI stone and also the guard of SAKURA NO HIME lake. A man is lying on the grass watching the star on the sky and it seems his heart is blank and his mind full with questions, suddenly a big shadow closed his view and a voice spoken to him,” what you doing here? Don’t you know this place is the sacred place of dragon and spirits? ”, the men keep his voice silent and his eyes staring toward the shadow. The moonlight shines the surface of the lake; the shadow revealed as NAGASAKI RYUGA the guardian dragon of SAKURA NO HIME lake. A few moment after that, the man spoken,” tell me everything; I want to know about my past, who am I, and what actually happen? ”. “It seems that you choose the right place to ask, listen here; you have great power, and great destiny waiting for you. May god bless you my child. “The dragon vanish from his view, at least he had a clue for now.

Huge mist covered the morning atmospheres, slowly the sunrise wash the mist away. A person standing on the top of the temple roof, wearing dark red robe with long bole tied at his waist, watching the morning atmosphere surrounding by fresh air and green view. Suddenly somebody appear behind him, a woman which always beside him evens he such a trouble maker. The man ask her a question “HIKARI, where you got your name?”, “My late father gives me my name, and he died 20 years ago in the Great War. “She said. Then he smile “call me OROCHI, may be it sound weird, but that name meaning a lot for me, it is who I Am.”, and from that time the man name is OROCHI, the symbol of the 7 dragon of darkness.

It is a good evening for rest and OROCHI tried to sleep at small cottage behind the SHUZUKU temple, but it also will be a bad day for him when 3 little kids; MOCHI, TARO, and JIKKU the trouble maker mess his life around. They take small package of rock and bound it with short root, and throw it straight to him, unfortunately OROCHI noticed about it, he catch the stone package with the bole, the kids shock and run away. The kids take a long breath, TARO face seem spoiled because his plan is such a failure, “thank GOD, it so closed”, they don’t realize someone is watching them, softly OROCHI get down from the temple roof and standing behind them , he clap his hand at TARO and MOCHI shoulder, automatically they shock and shout. HIKARI sweep the temple corridor that time, he put the broom down and searches the voices and she found the sources. She whisper face toward the man, “DRAGON SHIBARI SEAL” and she touch his neck, in the second OROCHI body cover with the metal chains, May be HIKARI is well behave, beautiful, young girl but in some situations, she may transform to horrible cruel woman.

In the past 20 years a human baby have taken to the demon world, his memories and heart have been clean by AZAZEL, then he humanity gone and has been a beast for such long time, NOBUNAGA AZAZEL take him as his adopted son and give he the demon prince position in demon world. The emperor absorbed his mind with hatred, violent, and evil which make him as demon great weapon, the man grow older and the same time learn the skill of fighting and the nature life of demon. However the past not important any more, because he is back to his true life and get his life back after looses it for a long time.


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