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Ancient centuries ago on spiral circle world covered by land and sea living by very large number of great creatures created by GOD. Human, genie, dragon, giant, animal, demon, monster, and another lot of living life form live all around the world with their own colony. Sun bring day light, give lands energy for live and grow freely on earth. Moon step on to night balance the temperature of land and sea, even it is a time for Earth link rest from a hard work of life. However it all depends to situation.

Human is beautiful creature those have ability to use their mind rational, productively, creatively. Move place to place; by big number of population build village and city, invert new thing for use, and changes the world to a better place, which spread on land. Dragon is great creatures on earth. They live in forest, mountain, cave, river, lake, desert, and sea. Dangerous and almost of them are carnivore but legend said some of dragon are related to human, mean they live together with human as a guardian and protector. Both of human and dragon combine force to create strong barrier that protect their own colony from any evil outsider.

There are 6 elements realistic to sources of world, the element are fire, water, earth, wind, dark, and light. The positive will have opposite negative, which mean all good have their opposite enemy alias evil. Demon is a creature that has such evil and also very cruel, living in shadow and they have power to changes their self to human form just to ruin and destroy mankind life. However human always beware of this, then they combine the strength to protect the colony, using all knowledge and powers their have.

Legend said that when the orbit of moon and earth, and also orbit of another planets step on straight line in the solar system face toward the sun, miracle will happen which dark sun will shining the earth, day will be dark for a moment. One descendent of human will bear with power and destiny of his own, power to be protector and destroyer of earth. Evil are expected about the situation and try to take advantage of these, deedless war happen between human and demon, countless number of deadly bodies of humans and demons ,even some of them are dragons. The 5 great ancient dragons, priest of light and creature of darkness that willing given power to chosen one, which will be the ruler of world. The 7 warrior use all the life to balance unstable power and separate it to 5 pearls and 2 crystals and put it in life of descendent.

The great power of flare, blizzard, earthquake, hurricane, and spirit guardian dragon’s turn to 5 magical pearls, priest of light use his life to create crystal which purify heart and body from such evilness and hatred, and creature of darkness seal his soul inside the crystal by himself as protector, guide the descendent as warrior and control the power of negative source inside the chosen. However with such great power will cause great cost, he will never be normal like other human who the physical and soul will change. If he cannot stabilize his humanity, he will turn to half human; half beast with wings and horn at his head aggressively destroy everything that stand on his way. But the heart still function as human which the chosen will have mercy and sympathy and mind can think more sharply.

On the end of Great War, glory is in the hand of human and dragon, however human lost the young descendent when great emperor of demon NOBUNAGA AZAZEL kidnap him and take to their place and vanish all the chosen descent. Before it happen the priest of light and great dragons use their last breath to lock the chosen power because beware of unexpected consequence. Immortal never exist for all living thing in world, the only one that immortal is GOD who create and command the entire universe. In this world even some of creature can live for quiet long of time especially dragon and giant, but after a long time, dragon, giant, and monster slowly vanish from the land of earth. Evil AZAZEL clean the memories of descendent about living thing especially his kind and grow the seed of evil and hatred inside him, one thing which they does not know even a smallest light shining inside the heart and hope that one day the descendent will realize who he is when time is come.


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